Nailing it In this season colours

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You may have noticed that I have a little nail obsession, I love doing my nails probably more than actually having them done. I’ve been wanting to share my favourite brands and colours with you as I’ve been trying out quite a few recently and have been giving Vicki a few manicures too. ( I should start my own salon ! )

I’ve found something wicked for you, If your nails are a little weak, easily breakable and in need of strengthening try out Liz Earle

They have a wicked chip resistant formula that lasted almost two weeks! It’s enriched with avocado and borage oils so helps strengthen and protect your nails, my two favourites for this season are Pure Poetry and Bright & Breezy

Mavala have also got me well and truly hooked, not only because they have pretty much every single shade you could ever want, it’s the small pot it comes in it’s the perfect size to pop in your makeup bag or work bag, it can even go in your purse ! It’s so handy! My favourite shades at the moment are from the Pacific Moments collection Funny Coral and Slick Opal

I love it when you do my nails panda, I never really have the time to do it, since you’re always bugging me have them done… fancy painting mine with these two?

Ha of course you were gonna ask me this you joker, Ok go on what two have you decided on

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Well i took your advice and checked out Nail Inc,  Alexa Chung is fronting the new autumn winter limited edition collection which includes, a nude/pink a deep berry and a khaki green

Can you do me a fingernail palette with all these colours?

I knew you were gonna ask me that! Of course ! Ha

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