It’s time to get dolled up with the store opening of Dolly Lloyds new collection


There is a new new Dolly Lloyd Boutique opening this Saturday ( 21st November )  in fulham. Vicki and I went to the launch and found some amazing pieces.

The launch party was bursting full of people as soon as we arrived, It’s a cute little place that was full of character. We were greeted at the door with a glass of champagne ( which obviously put a massive smile on our faces ) Immediately we could see the rails of clothes we just couldn’t wait to check out.

There were three high end luxury brands to view in the shop Teodosia Lloyd ,Monica Ricci and Love In Fashion Paris. Each unique and very striking in their own way.

I recently went through a faze of not wearing heels ( much to Vicki’s disgust )  but don’t worry I have found my love for them again so of course my eyes went straight to the brightest pair i could find. Under the rails of clothes were a few perfectly placed shoes which instantly got my attention. Everyone please meet the Dolly Lloyd bright pink patent kitten heel shoe.

image (52)

The heels are the perfect size for me, they’re really comfortable and the bright colour is my personality down to a T! I had to get them !

well while you were strutting up and down the shop like you’re on a catwalk i found a T Shirt with a brilliant quote, NOPE. I tried it on in three different sizes because you can wear it baggy tucked into a skirt, tight fitting with jeans or loose with leggings. 

image (55)

Teodosia Lloyd was looking amazing in her own collection, we managed to get some time with her to find out all about what inspires her and what direction she sees her collection going in.

“My work definitely reflects my personal style. My brand focuses on luxury, classic and feminine silhouettes and I feel my style combines this also.”

The inspiration behind the collection is contemporary architecture and interior.

You will definitely find some distinctive pieces in this boutique, It has everything for the 21st century woman.

Now just before we left David ( Teodosia’s husband ) gave a beautiful speech right at the end of the event which was so sweet, I love the fact he was there supporting his wife.

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