Making a scene with the New NARS Steven Klein Collection

Doodling about town


I don’t know why every time I go to leave the house in the evening recently it loves to start raining, my hair always gets ruined!

Yep me too that’s why it’s easier to just put your hair up in a knot instead! 

Good point babe! But you should of text me that before I left! #hairdisaster Ha anyway Vicki and I have been looking forward to this 2nd NARS collaboration for ages! Steven Klein is an iconic fashion photographer and his pictures are very provocative, dark twisted and very edgy, we’re both big fans! The launch party is in soho and of course Vicki arrives before me, when I get in she’s standing there with bold glossy red lips from the new limited edition collection ‘killer shine lip gloss’ in Special Force: Wild Strawberry, greeting me with a cocktail insisting I paint her nails!

So with my new Black Fire, Hard To Get & Night Creature pallet on my finger tips we just  had to jump in the photo booth and put on the playful masquerade masks! 

Ha ha you literally pushed me in that booth babe you couldn’t wait to dress up! So as I’m a lip obsessive NARS limited edition killer shine lipstick had my name written all over them I spent ten minutes blending them with the metallic pink-champagne red plum and then using Vicki as my canvas

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