Never get caught out!

Right gotta tell you what happened to me the other day running late for a meeting ARGGGGGG !!! WHY you ask? well seeing that i was up two hours early to get ready for it and had my outfit already hanging on the door… the time just disappeared i don’t know. Vicki stop shaking your head and laughing i’m stressing out just thinking about it.


Right, Let me carry on. I had to bolt out the door and literally just grab my few essentials and chuck them in my make up bag and GO…. needless to say i did NOT take a make up free selfie as no one needs to see me like that in the morning! In fact I just wanna apologise to all the 8.52 commuters on that train to London Bridge!

Running to the tube i can deal with … frantically looking for my oyster card searching my bag and realising its in my right pocket … i can deal with…just making the tube flying through the closing doors have a few people secretly laughing me…i can deal with… BUT doing my make up on the tube… I HATE …. so i try to keep it as simple as i can… You can always feel the pressure of people watching you while you are trying to do your face as quickly as you can when the tube has stopped at the station, dreading when you hear the beeping of the doors closing because you know you’re on the move again and you’ve still got half of your face to finish! Mascara i find is the trickiest as the amount of times i’ve poked myself in the eye while the tube is moving is ridiculous.

My three essentials i managed to grab whilst running out the door are my favourite bits i like to have on me at all times


  • Tinted moisturiser: Urban Decay Tinted Moisturiser ( Urban Decay do not test on animals) the moisturiser is light providing minimal coverage but gives a great glow and easy to use especially when applying it with your fingertips on the tube ha!
  • Mascara: M·A·C in Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash everything about this mascara is perfect! it doesn’t clump, i always use it on the go and gives you that ultra black full lash effect which we all blatantly wish we woke up like that !
  • Lipgloss: BOURJOIS 3D Effect Coral Idyllic this is great for everyday use to give that full lip effect with a little burst of colour now, as i write this I’m having a sneaky peak through vicki’s make up bag…as you do.

Oi get your fingers out of there! Cheeky!


Okay if you would like to know whats in my bag, I would not go anywhere without my Mac impassioned lippy, my benefit browzing! because i am  obsessed with Cara gotta admire those brows, and its very important i do not leave the house without is my naked2 urban decay eyeshadow palette because theres a colour for every occasion.


yes vicki love that urban decay 2 palette its perfect for getting that smokey eye effect the shades are amazing and you’ve got the technique down to a T. Now going back to my story one product i forgot to bring which really bugged me was BLUSHER its actually a must have essential however i never seem to carry any around with me as i can’t be bothered to carry a good brush… I know it’s not heavy but hey i can be fussy sometimes.

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