Tia Maria Bunga Bunga Ibiza style

image (11) Tia Maria Bunga Bunga Ibiza style with Pandora & Vicki

We do love a mid week party and especially since we’ve had a few weeks of great weather the sound of bringing Ibiza to London at Bunga Bunga is just perfect!

We’re both first timers at the venue it’s like a really cute Caribbean hut! In the middle of Battersea. The only thing missing was some sand!

I haven’t tried Tia Maria before so was so excited about giving all the cocktails a try!

I couldn’t stop drinking the Tia Maria coffee chocolate shake it was amazing… a little bit too amazing to be honest as I had two in the space of five minutes! Vicki is an espresso martini guru so I could only guess what she what try.

This is true, And the espresso martini’s were amazing I had three need I say more (pokey tongue face) I would normally make mine with Kahlau so it was a nice change. The other Tia Maria cocktail I decided try was the Jamaican Tia Maria now that was really good! Recommend if you like something refreshing and light with a coffee twist.

The combination of live music, great cocktails and karaoke was brilliant we just wished we didn’t have work so early in the morning otherwise it could have easily turned into an all nighter.

Don’t forget the dancing! Haha! 

If you’re looking for a fun night out and wanna be transported on holiday for the night without the flight try this is the place, it’s a great London hidden gem on Battersea Bridge Road!

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