Monday night blogging, Yummy mediterranean food with a side of banter and giggles

Evening ladies, enjoying a nice Hendrick on a Monday evening, I have to rave about and share this… So blogging tonight, Vicki has taken me to this wicked little place on the New Kings road called the Eel Brook, a gorgeous restaurant just by Parson Green apart from the fact i couldn’t read the menu the food was amazing!

image (18)

I swear i wish i had recorded the conversation you had with the waiter, the poor guy was being quizzed on everything, in full detail, from what had bones in it to why was there no chips. It would have made the perfect first Vlog. (crying with laughter emoji)

Well Babe what can i say i had absolutely no idea what was written on that menu but good job the guy serving us had so much patients

Yeah and banter, his face, I was wetting myself and so was he, it was like you’d never eaten out before but least you found something.

Okay so i managed to order the Hake which came with yummy cauliflower puree and royal crushed jersey potato with garlic… who said anything about chips, i only want jerseys in my life now!

image (15)

You are so funny, I actually love you, Well i must say the Roasted Duck and sweet potato was beautiful and I had to order a side of Fennel seed, garlic kale. Nom!

So one thing I did understand from the get go was desert section of the menu… seriously don’t get me started but both of ours were incredible I had the Poached white peach, and Vicki had the Caramel Pannacotta, it did turn into something a quite naughty considering we both go on holiday next week! but so worth it

image (17)

It was worth it, You really do have to give this place a try, it’s great for healthy lunch, a romantic evening dinner or a monday night blogging session with yours truly ‘my special friend ‘ no names (monkey with hands over mouth) The menu offers Mediterranean style dishes, using only fresh and seasonal produce with a constantly changing menu, everything is prepared from scratch including the pasta. Go on give it a try!


  1. FLOY
    August 18, 2015 / 1:49 pm

    YUM! looks great

  2. becca elliots
    August 19, 2015 / 8:13 am

    ha ha ha you two crack me up !!! I wouldn’t be able to read that menu either it sounds like :)) I’m coming to London next month would love to meet you girlies

  3. emily jane
    August 19, 2015 / 8:56 am

    all i can say is LOLS !! very funny stuff ladies

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