Ella Eyre Sure put it in Motion

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British music is finally getting the praise and appreciation that it deserves so many artists are absolutely smashing here and now killing it internationally as well. Ed Sheeran Sam Smith and Jessie J are just a few of the British artists which have totally changed the game and gone from strength to strength.

Now I’ve been a fan of Ella Eyre for ages, she’s the one to watch as things are just going to get bigger and bigger for her, this year we’ve seen her more as a solo artist.  I first came across Ella a few years ago and i was totally blown away by her incredible big voice and even bigger hair! ( I am sooo jealous of her hair I need to ask her for some tips as mine doesn’t seem to want to grow anymore ahhhh! )

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She’s been featured on massive tracks with Rudimental Tinie Tempah Dj Fresh and Bastille just to name a few, now tonight we’ve come to check her out at the Sure MotionSense Gig at Century and once again she has just killed it so effortlessly, looking wicked in her black sequinned minidress while she had the whole room literally mesmerised by her stunning vocals.

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For me if I had to pick one, my favourite track of the night was watching her perform gravity she had the whole room singing it right back at her and everyone was waving the Sure motion sensors around like we were in some rave tent at Glastonbury! Ha It was a wicked one off gig for Ella and a triumph for Sure as it got pretty hot and sweaty in the green room and I think everyone had a cheeky spray…. We needed it !

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What a brilliant night, Nice touch with the passion fruit  martinis, still no hangover for me I know you hate me for this Dora ( crying with laughter emoji) for me when Ella sings I find it actually quite emotionally moving  and yeah babe she looked stunning. She actually gave me goosebumps when hitting some of those big notes! Lucky enough I got a video of one of my favourites of hers 

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So last night Vicki wore a gorgeous black faux leather knee length skirt from Topshop which had a poker dot detail and a floral Zara T-shirt. I wore a River island top and CICI trousers with Topshop on my feet ! Make up was a totally Mac night!

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