We Loved Vogue Loves Regent St Fashion’s Night Out


So with London Fashion Week next week Vogue has hit regent street and we’re all ready for it! The weather has been on our side as tonight it was 21 degrees and not a cloud in sight!

Regent Street was packed by 6pm and the shopping party had started. I rocked a Boohoo shirt dress (lovin’ Boohoo right now) and Kurt Geiger on my feet, Vicki’s was in Topshop and white Adidas plimsolls on her feet!

image (33)

We had our beautifully illustrated #FNO map by the gorgeous Zoe More O’ferrall in hand and were ready to shop till we drop. 

image (32)

First stop was Superdry where the music was pumping and Kim Hartwell was doing a workout routine rocking the new Fluorescent dry sport collection, I instantly fell in love.

image (34)

We instantly grabbed a pair and went straight to the changing room. The new sports wear range really is lush! I saw the outfit Kylie Jenner Instagram’d the other day and so I definitely had to try that on! Grey and fluorescent yellow yes please! The material feels great, all sweat absorbent and so soft to touch! We both had to get the leggings and sports bras to match.

image (36)

Next up was one of my favourite jewellers Swarovski!! A girl can never have too much Swarovski. Essie were in store doing mini manicures, I spotted that right away. However there was a massive queue so didn’t get a chance to jump in, but mesmerised by the sparkle I couldn’t leave without getting something so got my hands on the Black Stardust Dorado Double bracelet, you’re gonna see me wearing this everywhere!

image (35)

So I was literally being dragged out of Swarovski because Vicki Had to get to Ted Baker, you know she’s obsessed right?

image (37)

Yeah ok I am just a little. I can’t help it though the floral collections this season are just incredible at the moment, I can’t seem to get enough! As soon as we got to Ted Baker there were more bubbles thrown our way …It definitely makes you want to spend more! I totally see what they were all trying doing! Now I’ve seen a new high neck bright pink coat that I think I may just have to go back and get.

image (38)

Yes I noticed you eyeing that up, so while Vicki was trying on coats and in aura of all the pretty flowers I got involved in the take a picture, tweet it with your horoscope game and won a nice little treat from their gifting machine! I won a little pocket purse and branded new coasters! Result!

Now on the map I noticed that Godiva were doing something special and being a chocolate freak I had to pop in, it’d be rude not to right? There really is something for They were launching new chocolates tonight exclusively in aid of breast cancer awareness. I tried pretty much everything going, my problem is I just can’t stop! Godiva chocolate has a very unique taste thick and creamy and just absolutely delicious, I could help but walk out with a some and it was all for a good cause!

image (31)

So after enjoying ourselves a little too long in Michael Kors time was running out, we just made it to Heddon Street where I’d heard Aubaine were doing Vicki’s favourite drink, espresso martinis! Aubaine really is a real cute French bistro that do incredible cocktails, Normally I’m a mojito kinda girl but on this occasion I thought I’d give the espresso martini a go as hers did look amazing, all I can say is three drinks later we realised that it’s three minutes to nine and the shops have closed! Oops great to end it on a high though right?

image (40)

Vogue held a wicked night on Regent Street, If you didn’t make it down this time and i would say definitely come next year. It is a lot of fun and is basically one big street party with loads of giveaways, wicked discounts, major goodie bags and lots of live music! You can really make a night of it.

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  1. casey jones
    September 12, 2015 / 9:37 am

    you girls look like you have so much fun!!! Superdry is my fav store and i love kylie jenner she’s in it all the time!!

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