The highstreet is your runway, Cosmopolitan #fashfest


So it’s that time of year again and it is the start of London Fashion Week and to kick things off we went to the Cosmopolitan #fashfest at Battersea Evolution Marquee which is a 5 day festival celebrating highstreet fashion and lots of fun where I’d say the magazine really comes to life! 

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I’m gutted we missed the lingerie show which was on Monday but tonight (Thursday) it’s all about the catwalk to Cosmopolitan! This is where all our favourite high street brands battle it out on the catwalk!

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Before the show starts there’s loads of beauty treatments to try there are hair stylists to get advice from billion dollar brows had a stand

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I love them! You can never spend too much time on your brows! They’ve got this brow protein boost which can make your brows grow quicker and seeing that there was a big discount. I got you one Panda as I know you’re trying to get the Cara Delevingne look!

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Thanks babe! Love you! I’m doing interviews on the red carpet with Lucy and Lydia and Vicki is downstairs getting us all the fashion and beauty tips for this seasons look!

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Laura Whitmore is hosting the night looking wicked in a short LBD and jacket Binky arrives in an oversized army print shirt and black knee high boots I love this! Michelle Keegan looks gorgeous too in a black LBD hair straight and her make up is flawless she gave us tips on using Laura Mercier and Mac power for always giving the skin that perfect finish!

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Conor Maynard starts the show with a brilliant performance. Those bubbles are flowing and  I actually thought Vicki was going to join in on stage at one point !

image (44)

hmmmm. Panda it was you with the baileys cocktail dancing around and nearly spilling it everywhere! Luckily none on me ha.

image (49)

Anyway we sat front row and saw the latest trends from River Island, New Look, Brand Alley, Boohoo, ASOS, New Look and loads more so much inspiration and I think we’re both going to have a new wardrobe by the end of the week!

image (50)

Yep! Agreed! There’s a lot of beige mustard yellows, nude, berry and Browns in this collection so looks like a shopping trip for the both of us!

image (48)

Now to finish the night the after party kicks off with Superfoxx talent Krystal Roxx! And thank you Cosmopolitan for the amazing goody bag! We had a fab time and are now ready for autumn/winter …. We’ll hold on the weather I’m not ready for that just yet 🙂

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