Fun, Frocks and Front Row : London Fashion Week

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Wow what an incredible week London Fashion Week has been. This is our first time blogging at it and it’s been amazing! We’ve seen some spectacular outfits, some questionable ones, we’ve been to the parties, the pre-parties, seen some amazing S/S16 collections, turned up at the wrong shows in confusion. arrived a day early, It has been a busy one but a wicked one at that.

I can’t agree more after kicking off with the Cosmo #fashfest, The last week has been a whirlwind. We have laughed, we have cried and sometimes we could have killed each other with the late nights and early starts but it’s all for our love of fashion and been so much fun.


So on Friday we decided to start with a shopping trip to get us kitted up for the of whole LFW week! We hit Oxford and Regent street like two headless chickens or as Vicki likes to all it headless cluck clucks? Yeah I know she’s weird ! Ha ha

I am going to ignore that last comment.  After a few hours of faffing around we both found the perfect outfit from WAREHOUSE. we were so happy with ourselves we suddenly realised we missed our first show which was Ashley Isham

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We couldn’t believe it we were so devastated! after a long sigh we made it along to Claire’s pre LFW party at The Sanctum roof terrace where we had fun dressing up in fancy dress and their new jewellery collection, Vicki would not take off those rainbow glasses!

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what can I say they suited me ! It’s my birthday soon babe ( hint hint )

Fashion International day 1 was at The Charing Cross Hotel

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Right then day 2 for us was all about Pam Hogg  and  Maral Yazarloo / House of Middle East & Asia  and Sunday was all about KTZ

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Monday we spent the day together doing some last minute shopping for Tuesday’s shows, grabbed a nice little spot of lunch soho house and watched the Burberry show live stream from Kensington roof gardens how We would of loved to have been there! Cara, Kate and Suki looked stunning and the collection It looked incredible! Another one we watched was Sophie Webster. She put on a great show for he r collection with mermaid theme looked so much fun and wish we were there. It was productive day. We chatted about our favourite collections and Vicki say there doodling away

Tuesday is the show I have been looking forward to the most ! Serbian designer Marko Mitanovski SS/2016 . It was like a cross between Hitchcocks ‘the birds’ vs the nightmare before Christmas, I loved it! Leather and latex galore. The leg straps are something i need In my life

My highlight has had to be spending 6 crazy days with you running about town however collection wise I absolute have to agree with you Marki collection was beautiful, reminding me a lot of Alexandra McQueen which was lovely to see but for me it was Miskoti the outfits were gorgeorous classic and simple. The whole weekend was amazing and sitting front row and seeing it all first hand was an incredible experience!


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