Skin Ceutical, One word Amazing!

While i was on holiday in Croatia i wanted to try out a new lip balm as you may of guessed by now i am lip obsessed

I’ve heard about and been recommended by a few friends this amazing antioxidant lip repair balm which is a cream instead of a stick or pot so I thought, hey this is a bit different why not lets give it a go.


Now it was nearly 32 degrees every single day i was on holiday so I used an SPF balm during the day and applied the SkinCeutical AOX Lip Complex at night. I didn’t just stay within the lip line I went over it to get full coverage . For some reason i’m quite prone to dry and chapped lips I’ve had it for like ever so this was the perfect little find as it’s designed for damaged & ageing lips. It has two powerful antioxidants Vitamin E and Silymarin which are great for hydration. So after a few days of using this i was waking up with really soft and smooth lips which was a surprise seeing that every time i go away my lips are the first thing to give me problems!

The ingredients used in this treatment cream also make it really good to use on pre and post dermal lip fillers it retails for around £30 but you only need one pump a time so it lasts for ages!


Panda the lip queen ! So while you were sunning it up in Croatia getting the perfect pout I was chilling by day and partying by night in Ibiza trying out SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF. I have never tried an oil on my face before I’m always worried about my skin having a break out so this was a new one for me. But it is great and its good for most skin types wether you have normal, oily or combination like myself.

My first surprise was when I put the serum on it immediately soaked into my skin, it wasn’t greasy at all! It went on smoothly and since I’ve been using it religiously for the last two weeks I’ve noticed my skin tone is firmer and it’s given me a slightly brighter completion!

Yeah I noticed babe it was the first thing I mentioned to you when I got back from holiday ! Your skin looks really bright and clear! I think we should swap products now I wanna have a go on that !

I knew you were going to say that ha ha,  of course you can give it a try I know you’ve been asking a lot of questions about does it have a rap and blend blemishes and yes it does it’s actually been the most effective product I’ve used for that any discolouration just seems to fade away!

Right then hand it over missy!


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