Croatia vs Ibiza, or why not both


It’s been a really busy summer with probably only three really good days of sunshine then it’s gone back to rainy and cloudy UGH! so Vicki and I both booked a holiday at the same time, to two completely different places, I chose Croatia and she picked Ibiza!

One of the most beautiful places i visited while i was there was Valentino in Rovinj, It’s a beautiful cocktail and champagne bar where you sit on the rocks (cushions provided) watch the boats come in and the sun go down with the most gorgeous view,  

You really do have the best seats for it you are literally dangling off a cliff! Now it is a bit pricey, in comparison to other bars in the area, around 80Kn (around £10) for a cocktail but definitely worth checking out as what you will see truly is breathtaking! The service is great and it’s got that real chilled out Ibiza vibe which is where Vicki was

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Ah my love yes i was and I have to say I do love the White Isle, as much as it is about the amazing electronic/house/trance scene it also has a lot more to offer in the way off gorgeous restaurants, beach clubs, cultural landscape and also has a big yogi vibe.

One of the evenings me and the lovely ladies went to the Blue Marlin in the beautiful bay of Cala Jondalor, not to be confused with the new Blue Marlin Marina which is in the Ibiza Town harbour. We enjoyed a gorgeous meal with some very yummy cocktails one evening after watching the sunset at Mambo, as you have to do if you have not done before. The food at Blue Marlin is incredible, the menu has a lot to offer it has a very international cuisine, from steak, to duck to an array of fish options. definately something for everyone. I had to order steak with a side of the beautifully seasoned sweet potatoes, however the side are definitely for sharing unless you’re very hungry.

Well babe i’m always hungry so i could not be sharing! #saidJoeyfromfriends Right then my last stop in Croatia was going to the Island of Rab which was unreal! I spent two days on a boat went round the old town and of course i tried to keep healthy while i was away, especially since vicki kept posting me pictures of her doing yoga on the beach!

I went to this place called Komrcar Park at the top of the old town of Rab, It’s a stunning pine forest with loads of paths and incredible sea views is perfect for an early morning run ( there was no way i was even going to attempt doing that in the afternoon seeing that it was practically 32 degrees every day i was there ) i managed once round and a half… I did keep stopping to check out the view of the sea wishing that i had brought my bikini!

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I agrees about the heat i managed to get a few runs in but if i did not go before 9am it was unbearable. However there is nothing nicer than running along the beach and Platja d’en Bossa has some beautiful views as you run towards Ibiza Town.

Yeah it’s beautiful babe but so much harder! and as we both know i’m not a fan of running! ha

So while i was in Rab i took out a boat and spent as much time as i could on the sea dipping in and out of all the captivating bays ( beware of the wasps on the right of the island anytime you anchor up they come of no where and i had a few episodes where i was jumping around on the boat getting them angrier and angrier till i had to jump in the sea out of fear of getting stung )

I do have to tell you about this gorgeous little restaurants in Ibiza Old Town, If you go to ibiza you must visit, it really brings you back to that mediterranean vibe you may forget about whilst raving away the nights at Ushuaia and partying the days away at the likes of Nikki Beach. The town is so picturesque with its impressive harbour and castle towering over and little spanish streets much like you find in Barcelona’s gothic quarter. You can do shopping till late, take a trip to the beautiful island of Formentera and other parts of the island. So once you have wandered through the quaint little streets of the Ibiza Town and climbed your way up into the castle’s walls you are really taken back by the gorgeous little cobbled woven pathways hosting a variety of stunning small restaurants such as La Oliva and El Olivo. In between those is La Torretta. You must try and i have to recommend the Octopus carpaccio.


Now i’m going to be honest with you, I hate tan lines never really been a fan of them so when i found out that Croatia was very ‘sunbathe naked friendly’ I was so excited to know i would be going back home with no pale bits  ha ha if you are like minded there are loads of very famous naked beachs called FKK look out for them! You can get a boat there from The Harbour in Rab, the one I went to was actually quite a nice beach!

Here are some of my top recommendations for Ibiza

  1. Ushuaia What a avenue it really does a great job as a host for a lot of artists through the summer season, I saw David Guetta and what a great vibe.
  2. Nikki Beach If you are going for a stylish yet chilled vibe this is the perfect beach club away from the hussle and bustle of Play da Bosa
  3. Zoo Project –  Now this is a lot of fun, you get to unleash your wild side and dress up like a zoo creature of choice and rave away in a derelict zoo just outside of San Antonio, You may not know this but Zoo Project supports local and international charities for protection against animals and the wealthfare of young children.
  4. Nine Seven One – This is a brilliant restaurant which if you go you should definitely eat on the terrace. It has a great vibe with super friendly staff! It’s located near the port of Ibiza on the side of the old town. Great prices for real high quality food, my personal recommendation is you gotta try the tuna and the tempura maki you will love it!

I have always wanted to go Zoo project! Well here are my top recommendations for you to visit in Croatia:

  1. Hvar – This is the party Island that everyone from all over europe comes to. Hvar Town is estimated to draw around 20,000 people a day in the high season. The town has got 13th century walls surrounding gothic palaces. It’s stunning. It’s got massive clubs and bars that have built an incredible reputation.
  2. The Plitvice Lakes National Park – This has to be one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Croatia, You have to see this to witness the spectacular 16 lakes falling into the sea, You can get boat trips there, it will truly take your breath away. The lakes are known for giving off different colours ranging from blues to greys to green pools. The sight the smell the sound… it’s just sensational You have to go !
  3. Dubrovnik – You will see why they chose to film Game Of Thrones here. The historic old town is stuffed with amazing old features from cobbled streets, defensive walls awesome palaces and beautiful churches.
  4. Korcula – If you’ve watched the Marco Polo series on Sky this is where he was meant to have been born! ( little fact there for ya ) Korcula has loads of green forests for you to walk or run around, It’s got vineyards, oilve groves sandy beaches wicked markets and historic villages.

Basically if you’re about to book a holiday have Ibiza and Croatia in mind!

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