Sales! Sales! Sales!

So our first week back to normality, the holidays are well and truly over and now we have fully kicked off 2016… I can’t stop thinking when is pay day again? That is infact the only question we keep asking ourselves… It just seems so far away.

January is not our favourite month of the year by far HOWEVER the sales are amazing.

There’s still up to 70% off in some stores, So with that in mind Vicki and I have been credit card spending and found some little gems you might be interested in.

Vicki you’re up first

Well money is sooo tight right now and pay day seems so far away but as you know I am Mulberry obsessed so when I hear the word sale there’s only one place i’m rushing to and would you believe it, I’ve found my favourite bag, in the sale, the Cara in quilted blue!

image (53)

At £905 I’m still trying to justify getting this but it’s soooo cute and it’s on sale Panda this is where you’re meant to butt in and say STOP!

ha ha ha Go for it girl I can’t stop you, I’m doing exactly the same.. online shopping, but my finds are a lot cheaper… as per usual ha Check out this from COS it’s £40 Look at the big sleeves they’re so my thing at the moment

image (54)

Also I have to show you this, Dune have an amazing sale on at the moment, Cute little ankle boots are getting me through this rubbish weather at the moment, Tan is favourite in this.

image (57)

there’s up to 70% off in store and online and these have been reduced to £39!

Those boots just remind me of you Panda, You should get some proper heels tho one day!

Ok so here’s my last piece from Ted Baker once again it’s a bit pricey but just look at it..

image (60)

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