It’s a very juicy January

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So it’s all about the January health kick its mid Jan and trying to maintain that positive mental attitude towards lettuce leaves and a bag nuts can sound a little bleak. Panda and I agree it’s all about the tasty juices. They are quick and easy and can be so simple which is big yes from us.


My favourite is quite the protein blast perfect after a quick morning run around my local park. I literally pour an almost full  glass of almond milk into my nutri bullet but you can use any blender, i then add a small broken up banana, two tablespoons of whole nut peanut butter, a handful of cashews & unsweetened granola and lastly a scoop of chocolate peanut butter protein power blend all up and top with a few raspberries. It is nom and great for the muscles growth and repair. what a great start to the day.


Eremmm hello Vicki that sounds Yummmy! Now even tho i’m not really doing dry January ( had a sneaky gin and tonic at the end of the first week ) I’m just trying to be healthier and cut out as much crap as possible. I’m doing this “Energy Cleanse and Boost” shake every other morning, It’s so simple to make, I chuck in a handful of spinach, a teaspoon of Matcha powder  one banana a few mint leaves and a handful of blueberries, I put them all in my nutri bullet with a few ice cubes ( I don’t like warm smoothies they have to be nice and cold ice cold preferably )

There you go you’re done, you’re good to bounce out of the house and run for the tube… Oh there’s only one annoying thing about having smoothies, that is cleaning the nutri bullet after, If you don’t have time at least fill the container and bit with the blade on with water in the sink so you don’t come home to dried in fruit and veg which is a horror to get out!

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