it really is all about MeMeMe


Please tell me you’ve heard about MeMeMe! They’ve got such an amazing collection, the colours are beautiful. They’re at the higher end of the high street ranges and great for price. If you haven’t heard of them… READ ON


I’ve been trying to up my eye game and been exploring new eyeshadows, this rich plum palette I can’t seem to get enough of. They have a mixture of matte and shimmer shadeswhich blend perfectly together. I’ve been using these all winter and will carry through to spring.


Now I’ve been a little obsessed with these cute bronzing rocks, called goddess rocks! The come in a gorgeous round box with a pretty illustration. They give you an all over glow almost like you’ve been on holiday! The three colours they come in are gorgeous in gold bronze and copper. If you’re looking for a nice radiant glow then this is your perfect product! 

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