LFW AW16 here we come

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So we have been preparing for this for what seems like months now ! ( outfits CHECK make up CHECK iPad CHECK accessorize CHECK ) We definitely learnt our lesson from last time where we got swamped and totally overwhelmed by London Fashion Week turning up at the wrong catwalks, losing our notes and not knowing what day it was as it all turned into a blur!

It all kicks off today and Felder Felder is our first stop finishing at Kolchagov Barba after party.

It’s just started to rain and we all know my thoughts on that!

yes yes, you moaning about “my hair my hair! Quick find me a hairdryer” I can’t walk around like this

Ha ha yeah, or just a simple hand dryer will do anything to stop looking like I’ve got a mop on my head!

Anyway hope you enjoy our little adventure over the next few days as we take on LFW and show you our fun ‘lifeinadoodle’ take on all that happens!

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