AW16 London Fashion Week Day One

So here it is then, Day 1 of LFW, we have carefully drawn up a schedule that both Vicki and I can stick to so when I start panicking about going to the wrong address she can quite calmly say no Pandora we’re going here… ( Vicki’s rolling her eyes as we’ve been here so many times before )

The Luke Archer collection has a beautiful opening in St. John’s church in Notting hill, very inspiring with great range of colours, lots of hats and I so need that red green and yellow jacket!

So our last show of the night was Kolchagovbarba at Amelia House.

image (59)

It was a stunning Stunning collection from Emilio and Svetoslav have a beautiful couture label and their latest pieces are using reds blacks mesh and metallics ( I need some of these dresses in my life) and hello… Some of the headgear were amazing!

image (64)

Yes the metallic skirt and dress caught my attention straight away. Two of my favorite things. The skirt i have chosen for the Loreal Party tomorrow is stripy shame it isn’t metalic! We stayed backstage for an a bit before heading to the afterparty at Montezuma in Kensington.

image (65)

We’ve never been to before, it’s a cute well designed bar perfect for hire ( hint hint to Vicki as my birthday is coming up in March )

Oh really is it your birthday soon i gad not realised…

image (66)

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