Sunday brunch – It’s a face off! which foundation is the best?


We’ve being doing a clear out this week and when sorting through our makeup drawers we decided to showcase a few of our favourite foundations. My number one currently as tough as it is has to go to Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid it’s so silky on the skin and it leaves me with a nice dewy complexion and if you build a few layers you’ll have a beautiful flawless look. The fact that Urban Decay are against animal testing is a big thumbs up and being reasonably priced is a massive bonus.

My runner up foundation goes to Tarte, it’s made with Amazonian clay and has a slightly Matt finish so completely different to the Urban Decay one. It covers up redness and blemishes without having to cake it on and is rather enjoyable to apply.

Day time wise If you’re looking for a really light foundation that gives excellent coverage you have to try Maestro Fusion Make-up. It’s a bit more pricey than Panda’s at £40 but it’s one of the best and worth the extra spend. It literally feels like you have no foundation on but the coverage is instantly noticeable.

Now if you’re looking for a slightly thicker foundation NARS Sheer Glow is for you, It gives you a nice bright glow and leaves your skin feeling so soft. You don’t sweat it out either, I had this on for about 10 hours the other day and didn’t need to reapply.. My eyeshadow on the other hand was a completely different situation but that’s for another post!

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