Pomegranate Noir!

So I was tellIng Dora about this so i have to share with you guys too and highlight the gorgeous Pomegranate Noir scent (starting from £40) from Jo Malone it’s one of my favourites ever since receiving it as a gift for my last birthday and quickly became my hand bag favourite too it a very sexy sophisticated smell with a sweet side that is rather delightful. I’m In love, they do a bath oil and wash and I also own the candle too (starting from £22). Why not it smells gorgeous.

Not only is the Jo Malone range beautiful but if your thinking of gift ideas they come in the most beautiful packaging and some fragrances even come in stunning by glass bottles! Like the illustration above (Which you can refill) another one in their collection is the Sage Wood & Sea Salt if you like a more tradition light and refreshing fragrance. I promise you if you haven’t popped in to one of their stores it to see the collection do! Your fall in love just like me!

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